Trading Bitcoin Basics – Trends, Support & Resistance, Psychology, and Resources! (Part 2)

Trading Bitcoin Basics – Trends, Support & Resistance, Psychology, and Resources! (Part 2) Next up is examples by back testing the systems proposed as technical analysis tools. Practice. Practice. Practice. Back-Test. If you appreciate the content like the video, upvote, share, use my referral links, and comment. Questions? Concerns? Critique? All are welcomed! Thanks! Have […]

Danish Bitcoin-Pioneer Behind Crypto-Adventure

I would like to start by crediting Boersen for the interview, article. OpenLedger Vietnam (OpenLedgerVN) for the original post layout. Then of course Ronny Boesing himself who has allowed me as my first Steemit post to translate and post this into English.   I met Ronny face to face at one of the successful ITO […]

Bitcoin mining illegal?

Why Bitcoin Minus Will Never Be Illegant? Where is Bitcoin Mining Illegal? Legal Bitcoin Mining The process involves the process of adding transaction records for mining transactions. Basically, each bitcoin transaction is managed in public lasers, although the actual users can keep anonymous names private. This laser is called blockcane and transactions are organized into […]

Bitcoin Price Forecast – 6th January

Price Forecast Report for Bitcoin — 6th January 2018  Welcome to the Price Forecast Report for Bitcoin — 6th January 2018.    This report investigates 4 popular technical analysis indicators:  Moving Average Convergence Divergence  Relative Strength Index Aroon Indicator On-Balance Volume  The above indicators are used in technical analysis as tools for forecasting the direction […]

Steem, BTS, and Asset Market Update 1/6 and Giveaway for 1/13

# Leave your bitshares name for a (potential) PRIZE! Check out price data on some bitshares market trading pairs Please vote and leave your bitshares user name for possible giveaway. Check recent prices for steem(it) bitshares UIAs and others for BEYONDBIT, BITSHARES, POCKET, STEEM, VIRGROW, WHALESHARE, ZAPPL, and more bitshares UIAs (User Issued Assets). […]

This Company Gets Lottery Bitcoin Award Rp 267 Billion, Want?

Source The Irish lucky draw company, Lottoland, invented a new way to get more participants to participate in the lottery. Instead of pegging the money as a grand prize, Lottoland now uses bitcoin as his main prize. The magnitude of the main prize was very fantastic. Those who are lucky to win the sweepstakes are […]

📢 The BitShares Open Source Hangout #53 is TODAY – Join the Discussion! Please be in Discord by 9:00 AM EST

*”Join weekly to speak with founding community members of the BitShares Enterprise Dex about history and current events in Cryptocurrency and get a chance for some free BitShares-AND-Steem-based Tokens!” ~officialfuzzy* Hosted by:@OfficialFuzzy **Come listen to all these exciting projects and more.** **Streaming Live** ## 📃 Today’s topics will include: ## @steempower – Excerpt […]

My BitShares and Steem Witness/Project Update and Future Plans

# Thanks for tuning in! It’s been a while since I last made an update about my witness status, as well as my current projects. Most of the things are business as usual, at least for me, but as it’s common practice to write a little about these things. If you’ve already voted for […]