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Whats happened to BTS on Friday?
And how you can win in the game when you can`t control situation and rules are changed constantly ?

# -40% Loss in 2H
![BTS 1.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmbqat8Fnoco4ziXsz7tMyBosjhY5vZenFX8PVK4w9iAnq/BTS%201.png)

### Part 1 Bulls Get Rekt
So wtf just happened that Friday ?

# 1 Chinese Arbitrage between exchanges

Well after the news of closing CN exchanges chineese starts to dump BTS and other alts..

# 2 Stop Loss Orders

Stop orders trigered when we brokes 2000

# 3 Long Positions Liquidations

When the price starts to fall, in order to protect your position you have to sell a bit
Example you opened long at 2800, your Luquidation price is 2350.
If you approach 2350 in order to protect you have to sell a bit so if you sell 10%
your new liquidation price would be 2050 for exemple …

But on massive scale it just put`s Oil in the FIRE!!!

So people who went Long on Margin Trading and didn`t did this just was insta rekt by Margin Call illimination….

# 4 Bears Shorts….

And we have olso people who saw opportunity to Short.

### PART 2 Bears Get REKT

Win Back 62.5% in 3 Hours

Well people who shorted BTS starts to closed they SHORT positions by buying so the price moves up and of course this epic bull reversal……

![BTS 2.png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmcZvQUV9AJQWUPm84VxWUNxLgezQwQsN7cicwr41kxJWy/BTS%202.png)
Why p


I went long on BTS because i really believe in this project and get rekt around 75% of my capital.
Catastrophe on my BANKROL, i am mad it`s just destroy me my dreams and my plans.

This market is so manipulated by whales and Chinese , and i loss my hope on it.

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Personally it`s remember me some sort of Casino, where only BANK ( whales ) win..

What do you think ?

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