[Request] How would you convince someone to invest in Bitshares?

[*Image Source*](https://thenounproject.com/evikareemov/)

I’ve always been a bit of an onlooker on the crypto scene, made a bit of money here and there on small punts on bitcoin and ethereum, and am looking to step things up a notch investment-wise. I’m a full believer in cryptocurrency, so I don’t need any convincing on that front, but am interested in Bitshares specifically. At the moment, my understanding is that Bitshares is essentially an index investment, but what is the future like for Bitshares? What are your personal opinions, theories, valuations?
**TL;DR – How would you convince me, an average consumer, to invest?**

Looking for *somewhat* objective answers here, don’t mind hearing a bit of gossip and th but try to keep it realistic. In the mean time, I will try to play devils advocate in the comments, which might serve as a useful exercise for the Bitshares community.


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