How to choose a winning ICO project

Blockchain’s popularity has allowed many projects to start. 

Unfortunately and often an ICO is only a way to speculate, destined to failure. 

How to choose winning ICOs? 5 simple rules.

 1) Project clarity: are we talking about a blockchain application that solves a problem, or is a combination of generic and confused words? If not, how many users can engage it (it’s for liric music fans or for all hearing people)? Read whitepapers, write to the suport all your dubts.   

2) Does CEO, founder, co-founder and washbasin put their face in the project? Are they linking to their social profiles? In the event of bankruptcy, will you have more social channels to leave an indelible trace of their scam /failure beside their names?   

3) Website: Did their website be made with a free WordPress template downloaded in 2001 or is it a dynamic site that shows real-time trends, animations, and videos (professionally done)? Try to figure out whether they have invested in their image or if they are four disorganized guys   

4) Look at project partners: Hero member, online paper, companies. Also: are theese companies linked to real web pages thet explain parnership, reviews or how the project works (for example: Ripple has as partner Unicredit and Santander)?   

5) WAIT. You must study how many people join crowdsale!

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