How To Get Your FREE BITCOIN GOLD October 25th.

If you own cryptocurrency you have the opportunity to get an equal balance of Bitcoin Gold free on October 25th. There are two simple steps that need to be taken to get your free Bitcoin Gold October 25th.

1. Convert all Altcoins temporarily to Bitcoin by October 25th for the Bitcoin Gold hard fork. Only your Bitcoin balance will be matched with an equal amount of free Bitcoin Gold. You can exchange any of your Altcoins for Bitcoin at or

2. Now that you have the full balance in Bitcoin that you want matchedyour B with free Bitcoin Gold you need to get the Bitcoin in a safe wallet that supports the the Bitcoin Gold fork and will give you the free Bitcoin Gold. The best place to store your Bitcoin during a fork to ensure you get the free Bitcoin Gold (or any other new bitcoin that’s being forked) is a cold storage wallet where you control the private keys. Creating a cold storage wallet is easy and free. Here is a step by step guide:

You could also use a Ledger cold storage wallet. I got one from Amazon for about $35 and it’s a lot easier to use in my opinion. I wish you all many profits during this Bitcoin Fork and don’t forget to swap your Altcoins over to Bitcoin right away at or is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

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