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Bitcoin Has Caught the Attention of Tanzania’s Central Bank

Regulation Bitcoin is growing popular throughout a few regions within the giant continent of Africa. One of these areas seeing bitcoin growth is the United Republic of Tanzania. Due to the rise in …

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Bitcoin Group SE Shares Skyrocket Along with Bitcoin’s Ascent

Fintech Shares of the company Bitcoin Group SE have skyrocketed along with the rise of bitcoin’s price. Its shares have almost doubled since the previous year. Their value moved from EUR 775 ($909.…

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How Bitcoins Are Mined in Moscow Kitchens

Dmitry Gutov’s Moscow kitchen is home to an automated mining operation. Not for gold and industrial metals like many of his country’s exporters, but for bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum’s ether. Since installing a DIY system assembled from multiple computer graphics processors in April, Gutov has earned $3,000 of virtual currency and paid off the cost of the equipment used to acquire it.

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U.S., Russia in extradition tug-of-war over bitcoin fraud suspect in Greece

A Greek court on Wednesday backed the extradition to Moscow of a Russian citizen who also faces being sent to the United States on allegations of laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin.

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Coinbase – Buy/Sell Digital Currency

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

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Don’t Fear Forks, There’s Only One Bitcoin |

There’s been some panic lately over the various “forks” of the Bitcoin network, particularly among the less tech-savvy who hear inaccurate or incomplete news on the mainstream media. It’s important to clear up some confusion, because there are more so-called “forks” coming. First, the most important thing to know is this: there will only ever […]

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