Good morning Steemit! Bitcoin demand and a repeating pattern, Russia attacks crypto, catalans suspend independence.

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Good morning traders, let’s do a quick recap of events and charts.

– bitcoin still supported through the demand that the upcoming fork has created. Can we have a repeating pattern, pretty please? So we can define the resistance level properly and then rip.

![5 – btcusd can we do a repeat of this pattern as the rsi hits reistance nb i dont consider trendlines to hold the price they are just visual aids.PNG](

– Russia is going to block access to crypto exchanges, via []( Good luck fighting cryptos!

– Catalan government proposes to suspend declaring independence. Via [The Guardian](

![1 – catalan guardian.PNG](

– Bitshares releases a brand new account creation page. You can download the latest GUI app [here in their github](, via [Bitshares Twitter](

I support Bitshares and i think it’s massively oversold. And over longer term, it’s worth accumulationg some BTS.

This is the wedge, i mentioned yesterday. Tech analysis is not exact science, but feel free to scale in trades.

![2 – btsbtc wedge.PNG](

These are some historic lows on the RSI. I remember some charts with historic lows on the RSI from forex too – EURJPY was the most recent one i can think of – and it resulted in a rip-your-face-off rally eventually. This is crypto, though. Scale in. For you that dont know what RSI is, it’s relative strength index and it is displayed on the lower part of the screen as a separate indicator. Sweet historic lows can tell a story. Be prepared.
![3 – btsbtc historic lows.PNG](

BTSUSD similar formation, but not as perfect. But you get the drift.
![4 – btsusd similar formation but not as perfect.PNG](

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And lastly i want to show you this WTI chart to keep your eyes on, its a broadening megaphone pattern which will have to resolve itself eventually. Within it you see that we are gliding on a risng trendline with a rising RSI. So be aware of this chart, should it break out soon.

![6 – wti daily another longer term chart worth watching.PNG](

Thanks for reading, this is it for now. I will be busy today, but i will chat to you later in the comments, which i am very looking forward to.


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