BitShares Anchor's Aweigh! Three reasons why BTS leaves the ocean

Last week, Bittrex suddenly issued an announcement to delist BitShares (BTS).

Because no one had expected it, the BTS market price has plummeted and we decided to update the lowest price.

I think that the BTS market has bottomed out and has entered a big rise.

Here are three reasons why BTS leaves an anchor and travels to the voyage.

Reason 1: Bittrex’s market share declined to 11%

Before the announcement of the delisting of BTS / BTC market at Bittrex, it was taking over 50% share of the whole.

Currently the ratio has fallen to 11%.

I wonder if the impact of the delisting on Bittrex has calmed down.

Reason 2: Being selling of Chinese forces

In any news, excessive reactions may occur.

The Bittrex ‘s delisting news has had a major impact on the Chinese market which holds a lot of BitShares.

We expect that selling at BTC 38 is also a factor in the decline of BTS this time.

OpenLedger bitCNY/BTS Market

OpenLedger bitUSD/BTS Market

Clearly you can see that CNY has stronger selling pressure.

It is a chance for the rise when the selling of Chinese people is over.

Reason 3: I feel a strong intention to buy Poloniex (BTS / BTC)

There is a buying board to counter selling pressure.

I wonder there is no more energy remaining to decline from here.

I explained three reasons why BitShares (BTS) leaves port to the voyage.

NinjaSoul Project 

Today I will introduce a very small ICO project from Japan.
NinjaSoul is an ICO that supports Japanese virtual currency engineers.A project that creates web services through free development activities and contributes to the spread of NinjaSoul and BitShares.

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Overview of NinjaSoul Project

NinjaSoul is an original asset spinning web service and virtual currency.NinjaSoul Project participates in members and projects with skills of various fields with the aim of supporting the community of virtual currency and development support.We will develop a service that combines virtual currency into web service.

Achievements of NinjaSoul Project

Referral account number 30 or more

NINJASOUL holder 134 or more

Activity on twitter

NinjaSoul Project website

NinjaSoul Project

NinjaSoul Market

OpenLedger NINJASOUL_BTS market 

Although it is still a very small project, NinjaSoul will contribute to the spread of BitShares and OpenLedger in Japan.

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