Cryptocurrency Social Media roundup post — October 11th, 2017, 04:30


Vanuatu Citizenship Can Now Be Purchased in Bitcoin – investFeed Edge

The Vanuatu Government has confirmed in a recent press release that individuals can now purchase citizenship to the country in Bitcoin. This effort is part of the Government of Vanuatu’s approach to adopt emerging technologies and be at the forefront of accepting cryptocurrency as a standard method of payment. This is the first time that … Continue reading “Vanuatu Citizenship Can Now Be Purchased in Bitcoin”

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Billionaire financier weighs in on the future of Bitcoin

When you’ve been a billionaire for more than 20 years, you form some incisive ideas about money. A former math and science teacher turned Bear Stearns chairman, Jeffrey Epstein is the Brooklyn-born financier who in 1982 formed J. Epstein & Co., the money management firm that famously held a secret client list containing only the […]

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Midget Banzai Bang has finally been released! – PornToken

We have been testing our new Amazon Video Transcoding Pipeline out, but it had some snags. So we were unable to release the Asian Midget Porn movie last night. However we were able to release it tonight as the 2nd movie release of the day after releasing “Naughty Little Asians 17” this morning. Also, a […]

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