Bitcoin at hits $4890 looking farword for $6000 investors lost faith on SegWit2x

Earlier today Bitcoin hit $4800 mark.


Due to the pragmatic and easy  regulatory policies of Both korea and japan   many professional .Hi tech and large scale institutional and retail investors have started to make their place in the cryptocurrency exchange markets in japan and south korea. In a fresh move …the japanese government officially gave authorized 11 Bitcoin exchanges including Bit Flyer that is the japan’s biggest cryptocurrency trading forum and its had more than 800, 000 active users. 

 A healthy upliftment of trend is shown in the Bitcoin markets of both south korea and japan ,the short and mid term price trend of Bitcoin should have a target of $6,000  as set by leading and famed analysts n investors in the cryptocurrency field a. As renowned names of  Max Keiser of RT and Demeester among them. 

 It is important to be noted that Mine clearly told that if even if Seg wit2x makes a starts  with more hash power than Bitcoin then the users and investors who  favour the value of Public blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum , will opt for the legacy chains …miners will not mine SegWit2x or B2X for the fear of less profit. 

 Miners follow money ,they donot lead money . It has not been illustrated best than by Bcash and the joke that is difficulty adjustment algo 

 Every pragmatic miner feels a legitimate fear when the market negatively value the tokens they are trying to mine …though they can pretend to be very much affluent but still they are obssessed with a unkonwn fear of unprofitability and loss. 

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