Ripple, Litecoin Hovering Over Supports: XRP, LTC Analysis Oct 10

 After its very significant weekend development, Ripple price was targeting the $0.3000 mark. The upward aim was signaled as XRP traded at around $0.2774, however a long time-running resistance zone at $0.2800 tanked the price and sellers sent the pair downwards. 

 However, considering the overhead resistances, we recommend booking profits on 50% of the existing long positions and holding the rest with a stop loss of $0.23500. The very near-term development showed until today a closing-in triangle of range bound but on Oct 10 the movement changed upwards which is a positive indicator for traders because of the fact that no trades should be positioned if the price is moving in the middle of a ranging-level. 

 Source: coinmarketcap 

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