Headlines for the world of Cryptocurrencies – October 10, 2017


Bitflyer started Issuing 1,000 Cryptocurrency Debit Cards to Users

One of Japan’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, bitFlyer has began issuing its own payment cards to its users.


The payment card will be a Visa-branded card which can be used in both offline and online transactions.

The bitFlyer card features no admission, annual and usage fees. Users can withdraw money form ATMs using it.

It will come in two different designs, the black prepaid card and the blue one and cardholders will be selected at random through a lottery process.

Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered legal in Japan, it is a logical move for bitFlyer to provide such products.


A Renewable Energy Provider in Japan Offers Low Flat-Rate Electricity to Cryptocurency Miners

Looop, A Japanese renewable energy provider has announced to offer reduced electricity cost for cryptocurrency miners in the country.


They will be charging a fixed monthly rate plan called the “Mining Flat” for electricity usage of up to a certain level in the Tokyo Electric Power Company service region.

Customers can register for the plan for a1kW equivalent contract (1kVA or 10A) where in they can use up to 250kWh at a fixed monthly price of ¥6,170.

The service is also open for multiple contracts such as for a 3kW contract, users can use up to 750kWh and over usages are charged at ¥22/kWh.


Abu Dhabi to host a Blockchain Conference on December 2017

Sponsored this year by DreamTeam, the world’s first Esports management and recruitment platform for amateur, novice & professional players, Abu Dhabi will host a one-day Blockchain conference on December 07, 2017.

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The conference will bring together top speakers from around the globe in rediscovering the Blockhain world.

Participating companies will showcase their unique projects and the ways they could improve the business world with the use of their effective solutions.

The organizers have highly selected the speakers, partners including the sponsors and are pleased to present DreamTeam as the general sponsor of the event.


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