Introducing Real Cryptocurrency and More Than Expensive Between Cryptocurrencies

I would like to introduce Dirham to the world. Long time ago, Dirham is expensive money (Real Cryptocurrency), Its created since 1267 and created in Samudra Pasai

# Background

Dirham or derham is the royal currency in Aceh which was first issued by the kingdom of Samudera Pasai Sultan Muhammad Malik Az-Zahir (1297-1326) as the official currency of the kingdom as a means of transactions. in the 13th century AD The kingdom of the paschal ocean once flourished and became the center of trade and Islamic religious development center in the Malacca Strait. The shape of the derham currency has dimensions of approximately 10 mm to two centuries later the derham currency adds its dimensions to 12-14mm. On the surface of the derham is the name of the sultan with the title of Malik Az-Zahir and behind the As-Sultan Al-Adil inscription except during the reign of Sultan Salah Ad-Din (1405-1412) until the sultan ‘Ali Ri’ayat Syah (1571-1579) existed a slight change in the design of the currency derham is listed the name of the sultan who was in power while his writing was no change.


# History

My History

Dirham, dirhem or dirhm (درهم) was and, in some cases, still is a unit of currency in several Berber states and Arab states. It was formerly the related unit of mass (the Ottoman dram) in the Ottoman Empire and old Persian states. The name derives from the ancient Greek currency the drachma.
The word “dirham” comes from drachma (δραχμή), the Greek coin.[1] The Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire controlled the Levant and traded with Arabia, circulating the coin there in pre-Islamic times and afterward. It was this currency which was initially adopted as an Arab word; then near the end of the 7th century the coin became an Islamic currency bearing the name of the sovereign and a religious verse. The dirham was struck in many Mediterranean countries, including Al-Andalus (Moorish Spain) and the Byzantine Empire (miliaresion), and could be used as currency in Europe between the 10th and 12th centuries, notably in areas with Viking connections, such as Viking York[4] and Dublin.
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# Why I am in STEEMIT

I will introduce myself to the world, who am I and when I was born to the world. Now people only know about cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Steem, Bitshare, Bch, Doge Coin, Lite Coin and etc. So, I would like to retell the story and history where are the coin comes.

## What about I will discuss or post in steemit ???
I will discuss about history, story, money, cryptocurrencies. I will post two article in a week, all articles will refer to references that occur in the past. For my beginning in steemit I call to @ned, @dan and @blocktrades and all #witness

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