Massive Altcoins sell-off for BITCOIN

Monday afternoon has seen one of the highest gains for Bitcoin. The total market cap of the crypto market has not changed much from the previous day but the market cap of Bitcoin grew 3.6%.  So the total market cap of all crypto market did not change much but a selloff of other altcoins for Bitcoin is seen on the charts. It looks like the uncertainly over forks and China FUD  is over and confidence in Bitcoin is growing again. Also with the upcoming forks everyone is expecting a “crypto dividend” or free coins.

Bitcoin Cash in free-fall  

As soon as major exchanges like coinbase started trading bitcoin cash a massive sell-off started. This shows the lack of confidence in BCH. Many are thinking if the B2X will have the same fate. For now it looks that the original Bitcoin has the momentum and is likely to carry on the bullish trend. 


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