Why are AltCoins Dropping… Bitcoin Fork Effect.

**The prices of the altcoin has started dropping down quickly…**

After the announcement of the **Bitcoin Gold** the bitcoin market played a little game here… According to the fork, the fork should take away the powers of the big players who mine BTC using cheap ASIC and take a large amount of money through mining. The fork is intended to substitute that to gpu minings. And people who hold BTC will get free BTC Gold for holding BTC…

![Screenshot (292).png](https://steemitimages.com/DQmedrJJ4JdVLfQ6kZK8So7W5AdRnXUnR6mb2jHvtRe8Gyv/Screenshot%20(292).png)

Now that everyone knows that they are getting free money, everyone seems to be converting their money from all the **AltCoins** they hold to **BTC**. This made many Alternative currencies to drop down in value drastically…
We saw almost all the altcoins drop hard.

Should this last longer, than you are sure to get cheap tokens in your bag… **But… the fork is scheduled to take place on 25th October**. But what if you were told that it’s already taken place and dev’s are secretly taking up millions of worth of BTC gold before they announce the official release.

**Here’s a Reddit post**
[**Click Here**](https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7551nd/bitcoin_gold_fork_had_happened_a_week_ago_and_the/)

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