What prevents you from making money?


Too often I hear the words: “I want to make money. But they somehow do not earn. Why? “I, as a person unnecessarily curious, immediately have several questions. 


The first question. Who are they”? 

Who is in charge here: money, circumstances or yourself? Ideally, you, with your desire and ability to work, smart and brainy, correctly using external circumstances, get them, money. They themselves will not be earned. Well, do not want to, probably. Or they are not accustomed to this. Maybe you do not even have them at all – how can they earn money?

Answer. You are the boss, you are in command and you are responsible.

The second question. If you want, why do not you earn?

  • How much time was spent on earning today? From 9.00 to 18.00, minus lunch break? And how much time did you really make money from that? To earn and receive a salary are different concepts. Feel the difference: to earn (all that earned – all mine) and receive (I do some work, well or somehow, and get money for it, good or some). If you are a unique specialist among those who can offer employers favorable conditions for themselves (and, most importantly, your employers agree to them!) – then yes, you can “get” a lot of money. And such a “receipt” may be even more profitable than “earning”.
  • And if you worked two or three hours less, would you be able to do the same job? Most likely, we could. . Hence, the time for which you “extract” money, which you receive as a salary, has very little efficiency. But it is unlikely to increase it (except for workers who have piece-work) – whether it is bad (but tolerant) working, whether they work well, and the money is the same. Well, maybe you’ll get a bonus for the shock work.
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Two options for an answer.

1. I want to earn a lot of money and for this I have to do (go to more highly paid work, start my own business, get a second job, start earning money), agree to spend (time, effort, health) and risk (money, stable, but underpaid work, good relations with friends and close people, who may be offended by a decrease in communication with them, changing their way of life, etc.).

2. In fact, I’m happy with everything (well, almost everything), I do not want to change anything in my life, but sometimes you can grumble about the fact that there is not much money.

The third question. Do you want to earn or receive money?

How exactly are you going to increase your earnings? Ask for an increase in salary, get a second job, step up the career ladder … Or still work for yourself, earning as much as it depends on you personally, on your desire, ability, skills and ability to make the right decisions?

There are no right answers. Someone is more comfortable and quieter to receive money from the boss, than to take risks and earn their own. The salary of top managers would be envied by many independent businessmen (and who said that high-paid wage labor does not require intelligence, education, skills, experience and the ability to risk and make decisions correctly?). And someone agrees to work day and night (at first almost without profit at all), if only there were no bosses over him.


The fourth question. And how is he to you, the process of earning?

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If you have all your life dreamed of writing novels, and are forced to sit in the office and suffer from quarterly reports – I bet you will not make big money. Even if you are a very diligent accountant and, moreover, have great willpower. This may seem ridiculous, but in accounting, as well as in mathematics, there is a special charm. If working with numbers for you is an exciting activity, like playing a game, compiling a puzzle (the way tax collectors and auditors then double-check and double-check), and the balance does not hurt your words, then you can achieve a lot in the field of accounting. If you turn away from numbers – forget about balances, assets and liabilities. In this field you will not reap anything. And if you collect the will in a fist and continue, you can become a good specialist, but not the best. And you will always find ways to keep away from work. And this is not you will be shirking, this is how it will develop itself. The subconscious unwillingness to deal with an unloved business will always return to you a hundredfold.

Answer. Unloved work (occupation) a lot of money, most likely, will not bring. And if you still make yourself work, even the money you get will not make you happy.

The fifth question. Do you really want to earn? 

Answer: Well, go and earn. And enough whining. And do not say that it does not depend on you.

Once I gave up my unloved job and still do not regret it. Unless that that has not made it even earlier – all waited, while I will receive other formation. Of course, a person with a humanitarian mindset can say that to turn from a designer to an economist is to change the awl to soap. But this is my awl, and it even suits me very much. And leaves room for other small, but pleasant activities. For example, to conduct your blog and work in online magazines 

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