Ripple coin social news alert — December 7th, 2017, 23:40

Pezhman on Twitter

“Who cares about the price of xrp when Ripple followers on Tweeter increase by over a thousand everyday!”

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Clinically sane on Twitter

“damienmgrant marydsoco _Kiwidoge_ Look into Ripple, that’s what the major banks are using for their international xfers.”

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Cryptocurrency Calendar

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Brian Denny on Twitter

“CryptosBatman 2ez28u justinsuntron I’m new to the Crypto game but I have a bunch of TRON, Ripple and some IOTA”

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Kieran Kelly on Twitter

“Luis_C_8136 lalo_rami24 Ripple XRPHODLER xrptips Hodor7777 justmoon People don’t like banks and BTC has been flying. It will get better.”

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Andrea Nathan Davis on Twitter

“There is a larger point here, far beyond just me.

Anyone paying attention to the situation in the US is going through similar damage to their forms _all the time_. Sometimes it is a ripple, othertimes it is a seismic shock. But the way things are politically are taking a toll.”

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Raoul Pal on Twitter

“cfz1214 KoosJansen Ripple bgarlinghouse Yes, Ripple is interesting. Looked at it when it was launched”

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aWebAnalysis on Twitter

“Ripple XRP Current Price:
1 Hour: -0.99 % | 24 Hours: -3.21 % | 7 Days: -8.44 %”

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