New RPC/Access Node for Bitshares Community [Asia 2-4]

Tokyo, Japan.

In order to avoid messing with existing infrastructure from btsabc and OL around China and Hong Kong, seeing that many Chinese users from btsabc are coming to Thai node, we decided to drop in closer than Thailand, in neighborhood country of Japan.

Japan as detached island, should be having better fiber quality under ocean than Thailand-China through ground.

Node is fully synced, up and running, but, before next UI release you WILL HAVE TO ADD IT MANUALLY TO ACCESS.

When you add the node EVEN IT SAYS DOWN, you still CLICK ACTIVATE, and all is OK!

(UI Bug with addition of custom nodes)

*Test has been done from Thailand :)*

Stability and Security

– Node is secured with Comodo SSL that is fully and 100% correct implemented to it.
– DDOS Protection enabled

Proudly doing Asia as support to Bitshares and Bitshares Foundation ( @bitshares.fdn )!

For any issues with the nodes Asia (Thailand), Asia (Japan) and USA (New York) please send email to:


GitHub Request Details

on behalf of team and Bitshares Thailand,

Digital Lucifer

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