Cryptocurrency Conversion Rates on External Wallets


Currently, as of writing this, the coinpot bitcoin-dogecoin conversion rate is: 5721470.58823529 where as on pretty much every other market you are looking at conversion rates closer to: 5882352.94118

If you are not into crypto or dogecoin then completely ignore this, otherwise it is a fancy way to make some extra money if you have dogecoin in coinpot. The reason you can make money is there is a 0 conversion fee and you can withdraw dogecoin at no fee meaning you can deposit a large amount of dogecoin, convert it to bitcoin (for cheap) and then when the bitcoin-dogecoin conversion rate catches up to the market value you convert it back to dogecoin with a roughly 30% increase profit margin. After that (as long as you have >50 doge) you can withdraw no problem. Coinpot is an actual wallet meaning it just holds your funds, it isn’t an investment. I would never recommend third party wallets that you cannot keep on your computer privately for long term investing but with doge you truly have the ability for easy short term investing. Right now cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are on the rise and since we have a very easy access to crypto that can be traded (Steem/SBD) I would recommend everyone invest small amounts of it into some form of crypto.


Warning do not invest your money into things that you worry may be scams. Do your own research about things before you do this. I am not recommending coinpot as there are problems with 3rd party wallets and therefore would not recommend for long term investing.

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