Launched Apple Pay Cash, and the users and developers are beginning to use cryptocurrency

 Apple – one of the most successful companies in the history of Silicon Valley, not only dominant in multiple markets – from graphic design and music to mobile phones, but also to draw down on their revolution. It is one of the most influential companies in the world. Apple could become the first company to market capitalization will reach one trillion dollars. Therefore, we can expect that competition with Apple Pay Cash nobody stand. But Bitcoin can change that. 


Apple, cash

 This Tuesday Apple Pay Cash, «client-client” payment application (P2P), was made available to users from the United States. The company touts the service as the easiest way to make P2P-payments on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. 

 Now users can get the money directly into iMessage or simply ask Siri to pay someone. They can use debit and credit cards that have already been added to Apple Pay, so there is no need to install an application or create another account. 

 Although most analysts believe that this is Apple response to Venmo or Cash App company Square then, it is difficult to believe that Apple did not see the recent million downloads of applications kriptovalyutnyh purses. Nowadays, some easy to forget that cryptocurrency was created not only as a means of preserving capital, but also for use as a system P2P-payments. 

The mobile apps are starting to use cryptocurrency

 While Apple promotes its comforting “Fiat-ONLY” service, more and more mobile application developers to respond to the demand of users and add support cryptocurrency. Two notable recent examples – Cash App of Square and mobile banking Revolut application. 

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 Square on Tuesday said it is launching a function of buying and selling Bitcoin for new users. And yesterday Revolut announced that now customers will be able to use the application for instant purchase through cryptocurrency Bitstamp, as well as free transfer bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum Revolut other customers. 

 “It has long wanted our clients, – said Tuffah Lewis (Lewis Tuff), the chief platform engineer. – We believe that Bitstampideal partner, we provide customers with the ability to convert Revolut fiatnye money cryptocurrency, making the process faster and much more affordable. “ 

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