@samest got Attacked & robbed in real life, over 80 SBD or what could now be $500+ in FIat Stolen, Thieves forced him to withdraw from ATM, we can Upvote his posts to show the world Steem's Community Insurance + Steem over $2, Golos 18 cents, $4-5 EOS

First I must bring attention to @samest who was robbed on a Bus and attacked beaten and forced by multiple thieves to withdraw everything he had in Fiat which was the equivalent of what he was able to get for 80 SBD that he had… and I don’t want to get stuck on the amount but today everyone was selling SBD for $5 even $6 on bittrex… I believe that 80 SBD would be worth over $500 at its peak on @bittrex today, so I will do my part to direct people to please upvote his post and to upvote his comments until he has made his money back, because he could do little to prevent this. Yes of course the pure logical side tells me we must all stay vigilant but logically there is always a chance that bad actors may end up being on a bus with you… and when a violent criminal forces you to give them money, this is something you cannot stop if they outnumber you or surprise you. So we should come together as a sort of community insurance program and help @samest make his money back. He is awake now and recovering, I wish him the best and we will support his new posts. We should have no problem helping him to recover to show the WORLD what we are all about…. we should all make sure to just Upvote his account when we see him Post so he can simply make his money back

Here is his latest post detailing the event:

And to help him I sent $15 worth of Steem to @samest ![](https://steemitimages.com/DQmP2d7P78uTMC52htVtsF2sWdSCvkvMG4Mdxmyagh2WjW5/image.png)
I switched back to 50/50 last week and i am glad because i have been getting SBD payouts so i sold it for Steem while it is high (I compared it to how much i would get on Bittrex for sellingthe SBD for Bitcoin, and it was naerly the same deal on the internal market which is great, maybe even better sometimes but it all depends on the time and many factors so always compare the internal market with @bittrex and @openledger-dex and use $ticker command on steemspeak.com chat thanks to @inertia it let’s us see the best prices for our SBD or Steem or Golos on all the top markets right there in the discord chat, so anyway using the internal market on steemit I Paid 2.726 SBD for 8.522 STEEM (around $15 USD now) and sent him that. I hope @samest can make money off this experience which is what I had forseen a long time ago, that people would be robbed who use steem, but they will be able to make money off the experience, and that showing Steem the photographic evidence would be better than any police agency since we will end up doing more to help! And team Ghana and team Nigeria can utilize this case to spread awareness about the need for better security and to encourage people to only keep their money on steemit! in steempower where no thief or hacker in cyber space or meat space can take it! They would have to wait 13 months for a powerdown!

This is a sad but real example of why we need to keep our money in steempower, and maybe even allow a trusted @coinbank type service to keep backups of the owner or active keys. But we also need Steem Security forces now, and our own detective agency to hunt down these criminals, and make sure people know that when you fuck with Steem users you get hunted down and there will be consequences. All around the world, more and more steem users are getting paid and can now afford self defense weapons, so more steem users will be armed and more of us will become more powerful and people will not risk fucking with us in the future.

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So hopefully this news will help @samest and all of us, because the markets are super green as @inertia once said in steemspeak.com chat, as Steem SBD Golos EOS BTC all up to record levels. Especially SBD , as much earlier today before @reko told me about @samest , I sold 18 SBD at $6 each on @bittrex and have over $106 in BTC now from that which is now going into Golospower

My Bitcoin alerts on Gmail are giving me amazing News reports about Bitcoin everyday!

Fires Sweep through Southrn California (Far from me.. I’m in San Diego, these are near Los Angeles
Wow now we just need some Ice and we can do Fire and Ice Music video here for @fyrstikken

Some more relevant news

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And look, the Bitcoin Community takes care of the people who promote Bitcoin, $70,000 is a small salary for the hundreds of billions in growth this man has allowed for Bitcoin since his talks and lectures have opened many large players on the world stage allowing for Bitcoin to grow this larghe in marketcap

World Bitcoin Community Showers the Great Explainer Antonopoulos With Love and $700,000+


And check this Chart of all the new features and stats of the new Bitcoin Forks and Bitcoin itself:
DPOS is the system used by Bitshares, Steem, golos and soon EOS, and this new DPOS Bitcoin Fork highlighted here as LBTC will be called Lightening Bitcoin, or just Bitcoin Lightening (NOT to be confused with the SEPARATE project for the original Bitcoin Core Blockchain called the Lightening Network which is related to Segwit Wallets like the ones used currently by Nan Ledger,which @btcvenom and I can use to send VERY fast and CHEAP BTC transactions using regular bitcoin, we just get to make our transactions fast and cheap using our segwit wallets on our ledger nano’s and you can to if you enter his @paywithsteem raffle

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OH and I want to get some Ecola Blue Atmospheric Water generators for my friends in team Ghana to have and reverse engineer maybe they can take this tecyhnology and build portable versions that people can run off solar panels so remote areas can have Electricity, Water AND Wifi maybe we can combine all devices into one box that has Solar, Water Generation from the air, BRCK style backup wifi generator, so people can have electricity, water and internet, it would complete all the needs of a small village! If it could also grow food then it would have it all!

Thanks again to @elgeko for the custom art signature below, and thank you to @tytran for all the support on Teamghana and http://steemspeak.com projects ( @fyrstikken ‘s Discord Chat )



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