NEO social news alert — December 7th, 2017, 05:10

aRealWaynker on Twitter

“Best returns (24h):
1. Decentraland +191.3% $MANA
2. TRON +143.6% $TRX
3. einsteiniumcoin +109.2% $EMC2
blockchain altcoins $neo $btc $eth”

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CryptoGiveaway AirdropFaucet.Com on Twitter

“Thankyou for being in Crypto Retweet Follow and Like any of our Giveaway Tweets for a chance to win coins Bitcoin Litcoin Neocoin Etherum btc ltc eth crypto free win”

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Neo-Nazi wealth is rapidly growing. Why? Bitcoin. • r/Buttcoin

3 points and 2 comments so far on reddit

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CoindicatorBOT on Twitter

“$EMC2 Signal Result

Potential Profit/Loss

3h: 61.22%
6h: 61.22%


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DeepBrain Chain

You can view and join deepbrainchain right away.

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Blockchain Capital on Twitter

“Don’t be scared!! fuckfiat ICO bitcoin litecoin ethereum cryptocurrency investment investing coinbase zcash blockchain ripple XRP btc kraken $XRP $btc illuminati rothschild riggedsystem $neo $dash Dash $iota $xmr monero $zem xem $Omg banksters”

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