Cryptocurrency Social Media roundup post — December 7th, 2017, 04:50

Facebook spots extremist content by artificial intelligence, before user reports

Facebook has said that its AI-based system can recognise and remove extremist content on the social networking site before users need to report it.

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Talk on Industry 4.0: SMEs urged to embrace it

Making a strong case for the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things), Jena explained how it can be used for the safety and reliability of the industry.

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Bitcoin blasts past $12,000 for the first time

After crossing the $10,000 mark just a week ago, Bitcoin has now soared past $12,000 today; at the time of writing (4AM GMT), it’s at $12,253.

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Dragon bets on blockchain to cut costs for Asia’s gambling business

HONG KONG (Dec 7): Dragon Inc, which is looking to raise more than US$400 million in what would be the world’s largest initial coin offering (ICO), is betting its focus on Asia’s booming gambling industry can lure investors despite mounting concerns over a bubble forming in the virtual currency bitcoin.Dragon Chief Executive Chakrit Ahmad told Reuters the company had secured four junket partners — operators that connect China’s wealthy punters to casinos in Macau and elsewhere — who had

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Xenio Decentralized Gaming Platform and Blockchain

The project is a decentralized gaming platform and blockchain. The project soft launch announcement was made on September 1, 2017, and the formal launch will take place in late September. …

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Dragon bets on blockchain to cut costs for Asia’s gambling business By

Dragon bets on blockchain to cut costs for Asia’s gambling business

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Vala Afshar on Twitter

“11 technologies of next decade:

1 AI (machine/deep learning, NLP)
2 IoT⌚️
3 blockchain ⛓
4 3D print 🖨
5 mobile📱
6 autonomous cars 🚙
7 mobile internet 💻
8 smart robotics 🤖
9 mixed reality VR/AR 👓
10 wireless power 🔌
11 quantum computing 💡”

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