Crypto Today 12/6/2017 ::Mining Hack, Unix, Bitconnect::


What changes need to be made to better secure wallets from hacks??

Today btc wallet was hacked.

There are numbers flying around like 4000 bitcoin was stolen somewhere in the ball park of $63 million. Thats alot of btc lost, and alot of people who sell their hash power to nicehash lost money. That shit sucks. It goes to show that there will always be someone willing to take someone elses hard earned money. Dont let this scare you though. Remember to keep your wallet secure, spread out your coins, use cold wallets, and write down your keys on paper and store them somewhere safe. Those steps will help keep your crypto safe so you can sleep soundly at night.

Now on to my day

Ive given up on unix…. I didnt want the coin at $1.1, I wanted it $.90 and I would have settled at $1. I cant pull my btc out of the unix system until Dec 26th but it will still gain value sitting there so im not too annoyed. I’ll find some other smaller coins to get with that.

Im at day 10 with bitconnect. Almost ready to make my first reinvestment.
![2017-12-06 (1).png](
I havent had anyone make their first investment yet. Im still offering $30 in btc to one of my referrals that have deposited atleast the minimum amount to invest. Despite what this guy says:
![2017-12-06 (2).png](

Doing 1 usi tech package friday, and stocking up on small coins then i will be holding until i see profits.

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