Ripple coin social news alert — December 7th, 2017, 02:30

IOTA Shoots for the Moon; Beats Ripple and Litecoin in Capitalization

News filters slowly around the world and IOTA investors are still piling into the coin this week causing the price to soar.

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Jaime Neufer on Twitter

“Okay Ripple bgarlinghouse JoelKatz PotiScott this one isnt mine, credit goes to JordyManyoma for this.. EPIC funny xrp ripple cryptocurrency meme IOTA trollgod Crypto cryptocurrencies BITCOIN ETH”

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Jaime Neufer on Twitter

“DrFox___ cryptfx raul_02gm xrp_news Ripple JoelKatz is a good one.. read his tweets and replies.. good stuff in there”

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Warren Togami on Twitter

“Kediri_020 BITS is only a small division to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. SBI is one of the megabanks of the world. The SBI CEO brags about hanging out with “Satoshi” and is a BCash pumper. The company has a long history of win, e.g. SBI is also one of the biggest backers of Ripple.”

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Luis on Twitter

“lalo_rami24 Ripple XRPHODLER xrptips Hodor7777 kieranmlkelly justmoon Why are you so sure??”

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kenneth on Twitter

“To all xrp ripple holder that are bashing xlm stellar lumens and holders.. Flippening Long Live StellarOrg below 100 sats difference.. Congrats to fellow humble Lumens Lover”

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