Cryptocurrency Social Media roundup post — December 7th, 2017, 01:50

Bitcoin could cost us our clean-energy future

Creators have not accounted for how much a time-consuming energy suck the alternative currency has become

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Cryptocurrency Mining Market NiceHash Hacked – CoinDesk

The cryptocurrency mining marketplace NiceHash has been hacked, the team behind it said in a newly released statement.

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Bitcoin races past US$13,000 as worries spike about a dangerous bubble

Bitcoin extended its rally on Wednesday, breaking above US$13,000 to a record high despite questions about the cryptocurrency’s real value and worries about a dangerous bubble….

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Louise Mensch on Twitter

“socgenexp LouiseBagshawe patribotics Lol! They don’t need to hack it to trace it. It’s the opposite of anonymous. It’s the most traceable currency ever invented. FINCEN sees your bitcoin wallets 🙂 that’s all of you”

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Bitcoin Halts Decline That Wiped $38 Billion From Market Value

Two Day Slump that saw a 29% Decline
Bitcoin halted a two-day slump as speculators saw a 29 percent plunge from its record high as possibly an excessive response to a technology upgrade getting cancelled.

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Jon Najarian on Twitter

“One last train stop from Milan to Zurich listening to PeterCincotti Closing out MGrowthForums Holiday Blockchain ICO trip..”

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Bitcoin’s Gold Poaching to Slow Under ‘Adult Supervision’

Bitcoin’s torrent of all-time highs is widening the cryptocurrency’s record gap with gold. The surge “should be tamed with adult supervision in 2018,” as futures trading in bitcoin on regulated exchanges gets under way, said Mike McGlone, a Bloomberg Intelligence strategist. “There is little doubt that bitcoin and cryptos are stealing some gold demand interest, at least in this parabolic stage,” McGlone said. “When the crypto rally reaches its apex, gold should regain more shine. That looks like

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