Ripple coin social news alert — December 7th, 2017, 00:40

Jaime Rebanal on Twitter

“quote with yours”

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Tender Lee on Twitter

“I like squeezing my toes with a ripple RT Footfetish”

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PROOF: IOTA Is Falsifying Partnerships With Big Tech

News began to circulate beginning Nov. 28, stemming from thenextweb and Reuters that IOTA has partnered with Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco, Volkswagon, Fujitsu, and many others in a 2-month long project that aims to make the data

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Caio Weber on Twitter

“12. Keep You – Pianos Become The Teeth

a. Old Jaw
b. Say Nothing
c. Ripple Water Shine”

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aWebAnalysis on Twitter

“Ripple XRP Current Price:
1 Hour: -0.42 % | 24 Hours: -5.69 % | 7 Days: -9.71 %”

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Thomas W. Kent (TK) on Twitter

“coinbase when will you be allowing ripple and iota to be purchased through you?”

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Isaiah Stofferahn on Twitter

“nattebillings JaydenSpinks Dang, I hope you have a good chunk from back then! I was so late to the game but that’s how it goes I guess. Hoping ripple and ethereum do big things in 2018”

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5 Questions for FINCA Guatemala’s CEO

Sona Gandhi, CEO of FINCA Guatemala, shares her thoughts on microfinance, women’s empowerment and the role of technology in expanding financial inclusion.

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