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Stats and Charts on the CryptoKitties Phenomenon • r/ethereum

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Would everyone mining ethereum help with the traffic jam? • r/ethereum

So I was thinking that even though my computer isnt a beast that can generate 1000000TH/s I can still do a little bit and it isn’t about money but…

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Bitcoin Rips Past $13,000, Rising $1,400 in 24 Hours

It’s red hot

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Lightning at Last? Test Shows Bitcoin Scaling Solution Almost Ready – CoinDesk

Bitcoin’s most anticipated scaling solution took a big step forward Tuesday with the presentation of new test results.

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NAU – ICO open now

NAU: Platform that directly connects retailers with customers

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5 People Who Predicted $10,000 Bitcoin Before 2017 | BTCMANAGER

This article is dedicated to all visionaries who were able to foresee the five-figure value of bitcoin coming. The sole criterion for this list is that the

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Steam drops Bitcoin. Did someone say something? • r/ethtrader

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