Zen Protocol ICO – more info!

Web: https://zenprotocol.com

Telegram: @zenprotocol

Whitepaper: Read (https://www.zenprotocol.com/files/zen_protocol_white_paper.pdf)

Token: Zen Protocol Native Token (1 Token = 0.000284 BTC to 0.000284 BTC)

Total Token supply: 20 Million

ICO Date: 30 November – 30 December


With a completely new codebase, Zen Protocol uses advanced language design to make smart contracts fast, scalable, and secure. Common actions like issuing tokens are as simple as using a template or writing a line of code. Bitcoin integration enables sidechains and contracts powered by BTC.

Zen’s focus on finance makes issuing and trading assets like options, swaps, stocks and futures quick and reliable. Zen Protocol has a running testnet with contracts that show real financial use cases.

The Zen Protocol native token pays to activate contracts. It’s a key part of the network’s security by proof of work. Project have a novel solution for governance, multihash mining, which lets native token holders vote on which hash algorithms secure Zen Protocol.

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