10 Mistakes not involving a professional salesman

Every salesperson wants to achieve better results by constantly seeking to attract more attention and reach a large number of customers, with the aim of achieving more sales and making greater profits.

The smart salesman strives to avoid the mistakes of most salesmen who cause them heavy losses, both in wasting time and effort, or losing customers.

But a professional salesman always learns from mistakes and does not repeat them. You can not avoid mistakes at all, but you can find out what we’re doing wrong and work to correct it and improve our performance.

In this section we remind you of the 10 most famous mistakes in which a lot of sales men:

1. Selling the product instead of meeting the need

One of the most common errors. The product or service found to meet a particular need. If you want to sell the product, make sure you know the need that meets. You first focus on the needs of the client, and then build the bridge from that point.

2. Haste to judge the client

Do not rush and rely on your assessment of the client based on his exterior appearance and clothes. If you rely on its appearance, dress, or style, you will determine the quality of this customer in the wrong way and therefore deal with it in a manner that will not serve your goal of selling it.

3. Misrepresentation of the potential client

The failure to ask appropriate questions about the client’s wishes or needs before the start of the sale. A professional salesman should be curious, more modest, and always ask rather than presume.

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4. Talking too much and not listening

Some of the sales men are chattering. Do not be them! Because when you are too talkative, you will not find the opportunity to know the real needs of your potential client. It is hard to sell something if you do not know why a person wants to buy it. Ask short and open questions such as: “Can you tell more about it?” Or “What is the focus of attention?” Or “Can you help me understand more about …” then calm down and listen.

5. Urge the customer to buy today

If you resort to such a method, make sure that you lose the customer who will never return to you. The urge to buy the product expresses the fear of finding a better deal than the one you are offering and also means that you are only interested in your pocket.

6. Push the customer to doubt the product

Often you find a seller selling and then start immediately to raise doubts through a link of praise over the buyer’s decision; “You will not regret it,” or “This is the best deal you have made in your life.” When a sale is made, anything you say may be taken against you; this approach may put an end to enthusiasm, and at worst, the entire deal may be canceled.

7. Distorting the reputation of the products

The reputation of any other competing products on the market should never be discredited, such as pretending to be fraudulent or unusable. Do not talk bad about your competitors until you show your customer that you are a respectable person who respects your competitors. This in itself reflects your self-confidence and the cleanliness of your methods. You really have something you need and you are fully insured that you sell something of real value to them.

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8. Lack of honesty and honesty

Honesty and honesty are obligatory even in the most difficult situations and the darkest circumstances, because this will greatly increase trust between you and the client. Honesty and honesty are the foundation of building trust and establishing relationships with prospective clients who will become your permanent clients if you succeed in conveying this feeling to them.

9. Cut promises can not be met

You will be in trouble if you make promises or offer features and features that are not available in the commodity so you can only complete the largest number of sales transactions. Sooner or later the client will discover the thing, and act in a way that distorts, as a distortion of your reputation as a kind of revenge and this has a very negative impact especially since people tend to believe the views of others. So be careful to cut promises that can not be met.

10. Act in a manner that makes you look desperate

No matter how much you need this potential client, even if you feel you have reached the stage of losing, you never show despair in your talk or your features with him. Despair People close your direction, and do not help people become customers for you. Be confident, honest, ready, and close to the customer. At the same time, always be willing to leave the customer with confidence and self-esteem, not to be as close to him as the whimmer.

Finally, remember that the right communication with potential customers is an important foundation for successful sales. So if you ask questions and listen to your customer, they will tell you exactly what they want or need. That gives you the opportunity to sell something that meets these needs.

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